Office Imaging Solutions (OIS) is focused on helping you master the unique requirements of converting your important documents into a digitized image of highest quality. Our solutions result in image files that can be integrated into other applications or be accessed as an independent resource.

    OIS can help you design a cost-effective turnkey imaging solution solution for paper and electronic documents that will let you organize, share and monitor your information more efficiently.

    We'll help you with application analysis and creation, take care of the software and scanner installation, and make sure your users are properly trained.

    Or, you can enjoy the benefits of imaging without the investment in software, hardware and personnel to scan, index and QC your records. Many organizations prefer to use our convenient outsource service to turn their paper records into ready-to-use digital images.

    Equally important is our commitment after the installation. In combination with our vendor suppliers, we are ready to meet your technical support requirements.

In addition, if you're concerned about records preservation, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance or the many other problems that come along with paper files, it's time to give us a call.